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Its been a long time between drinks!.... updates I mean.

Saying that South Sydney Commercial have been busier than ever, the fact I haven't updated a news report since Jan 2016 does not mean we have been slacking off in fact the exact opposite.

I have transacted many sales, to the point I can't remember all of them. I am the South Sydney off market specialist remember so I wont tell you about all of them, I can tell you though I have many investors who have recently sold for massive capital gain. Some doubling their money within the last couple of years.

Expo112 (which is my pet property and home of my office) has gone through the roof, I have transacted resales on Suites 14, 20, 21 and 33 and the new rates are just shy of $6,000sqm blended! thats $6k sqm for a mezzanine level!!! unbelieveable. I've encouraged all owners to increase their mezzanine area's and sell, most want to hold because its such a good property and a fantastic long term hold. You'd be a lucky investor to own in EXPO112

I have consistently been achieving the highest rates per square metre in the area and can say with confidence I am the best agent in the area, if you don't believe me and want a second opinion ask me again., I'll give you some numbers of my happy clients to talk to. Simple

If your looking to sell or lease Commercial Real estate in South Sydney you are doing yourself an injustice to not come and meet with me.

Craig Carroll