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Since Lana joined South Sydney Commercial I have never been happier coming to work, she has taken the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT component of the business to a new level and has streamlined everything.

Lana is absolutely the most structured and efficient individual I have ever worked with, follow up tasks are now automated, ensuring efficient timely completion of important maintenance and repairs works and timely rental payments.

Lana has developed new procedures, checklists and improved the way we implement our existing software and marketing tools which means less mistakes occur and saves us a lot of time to then look at other ways to make our clients’ money.

Lana really knows how to get the best out of our software systems leaving very little to any possible human error.

All our tenants and when I say 'all' I can confidently say 100% now pay on time each and every month, I have not had to step in as the Licensee in Charge and chase a tenant for arrears for a long period of time.

All our tenants’ issues are addressed with efficiency and the best long term solution is applied to prevent the same issues re-occurring. Lana is the best at finding permanent solutions for any given property issue at the lowest possible cost that benefit both the Landlord and Tenant and insures a positive long term relationship.

South Sydney Commercial are running like an F1 racing car, finely tuned and driven by a well experienced professional backed by a ultra reliable crew.

Lana and I are the best team and impossible to beat! Vrrrrrrooooom!!!


Craig Carroll